Semalt Expert: Windows PC Protection Against Viruses And Malware

The ever changing Windows is making us unable to recommend to anyone the best antivirus program despite spending over 20 years suggesting several antivirus programs to people. However, the underlying concept is that the more aware a person is at risk, the less likely he or she will get his computer infected and not just using Anti-Virus.

Oliver King, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, gives an insight into the Windows PC protection guide.

Malicious software threats

Unlike in the past, where amateurs would introduce malware, nowadays, malware is becoming a big business. Firstly, they collect personal information which includes but not limited to personal financial details and passwords. In addition to that, they develop ways to blackmail people for ransomware. To counter all these, ensure offline backup for what you consider valuable information.

Coding and screening

Windows is credited for initiating AV products to counter insecurities. Specifically, the introduction of Trustworthy Computing Initiative by one of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates made security the highest priority. Nowadays, Windows 10 incorporates several security and technologies aimed at mitigating possible threats. In fact, it is reasonable for one to conclude that Oracle java which is a third party user and other Adobe software stands as its main threat.

In addition to that, web browsers are making considerable progress in securing their products. For instance, Chrome secures a browser by being sandboxed, on the other hand, Google introduces what they term as 'bug bounty' program that hires experts to look for loop holes in either Chrome or Androids. They pay a huge amount, up to one hundred thousand US dollar, or more than three million last year.

Moreover, Google has come up with 'safe browsing' where one can identify websites that do not contain malware. All Apple's Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Vivaldi use this method while Windows 10 applies a SafeScreen filter. Additionally, those using Windows 10 have to update their browsers by using tools such as Patch My PC, Personal Software Inspector or use Kaspersky Software Updater.

The AV problem

Justin Schuh, a Chrome security expert, attacked Vesselin Bontchev, an expert on AV. Also, Robert O'Callahan is on record advising people to disable AV software but not that of Microsoft. Therefore, it has become the norm that programmers are not advising people on why AVs are not working, because, in a way, they benefit from the AV's cooperation. However, Windows remains the least criticized which may make it the best alternative.

Ways to counter this

Experts believe that AV is not the best option, one best way is to use Windows 10 by using SmartScreen filter, basic telemetry, and cloud based heuristics. Secondly, use Windows, not as an administrator but a standard user. Thirdly, ensure regular update of PC's software. In addition to that, back up all your data. Moreover, do periodic run for your best antivirus and lastly use Windows 10 to refresh, resetting and recovery options.

AV Choice

On the other hand, for those not using Windows, there are some of the best AV on the market which includes, Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Trend Micro. It is always advisable to use one that suits your needs based on performance.